MS-Excel Analytics and Reporting - Pivoting and Dashboards.

MS-Excel is a powerful tool that enables users to quickly and easily analyze and report on data. Pivoting and dashboards are two of the most useful features in MS-Excel analytics and reporting, and can help users quickly and easily gain insights from data.

By leveraging these features, users can quickly and easily identify trends, patterns, and insights from data, and make it easier to analyze and report on data. Analytics and Pivoting in Microsoft Excel are powerful tools that allow you to quickly analyze, visualize, and manipulate data in a variety of ways.

Why is MS-Excel Important to the Organization?

Using spreadsheets to list customer and sales targets can help you manage your salesforce and plan future marketing strategies based on past results. Using a pivot table, organizations can quickly and easily summarize customer and sales data by category with a quick drag-and-drop.

Excel allows organizations to discover trends, summarize expenses and hours by pay period, month, or year, and better understand how their workforce is spread out by function or pay level. HR professionals can use Excel to take a giant spreadsheet full of employee data and understand exactly where the costs are coming from and how to best plan and control them for the future.

With its capability for dashboard creation, automated reports, and integration into other business systems, Excel sales reports bring all your critical sales insights into one easy-to-use sheet that can be read by anyone and shared across the business to communicate and track performance.

Because of its versatility and ability to hold thousands of data cells, using Excel for supply chain management & stock management is a great alternative to bespoke and expensive software.

Potentially one of the least known but most valuable features of Excel in business is automating repetitive business tasks. Reducing tasks to lines of code, companies can use Excel Automation to save time, increase productivity and ultimately increase profits.

Not only is invoice and order tracking in Excel vital for keeping your customers happy this type of report can easily be integrated into other sheets and even dashboards to give you a complete view of your business from the point of sale through to dispatch, delivery and customer service metrics like returns and complaints.

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