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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain can be a powerful tool for driving growth and creating competitive advantage, enabling you to deliver the products customers want faster and more cheaply than your competitors. Even better, supply chain advantages are hard to copy, so the competitive edge is sustainable. Optimization requires a clear sense of what really matters to customers and a clear view of the cost/benefit tradeoffs.

To improve supply chain performance, companies must approach it holistically rather than address functional silos. This requires the involvement of senior management, armed with the right data and an end-to-end perspective.

Besides supply chain strategy and redesign, SCG supports all aspects of implementation, including pilot programs and ramp-up, evaluation of technology platforms, and third-party orchestration. We also look for ―quick hits‖ that can deliver fast results in highimpact areas.

Key client service areas include these four topics:

  • Strategy and Redesign. We drive growth and competitiveness by cutting costs, reducing complexity, and increasing speed, service, and flexibility. We look for ways to rationalize and streamline the network of fixed assets.
  • Process Optimization. We rethink and redesign the order-todelivery process for faster, more effective operations, seeking to optimize the flow of all goods.
  • Inventory Management. To keep inventory costs low, we optimize production and demand planning, fine-tune stock and service-level policies, and trim the SKU portfolio.
  • Organization Redesign. As companies become more global, we work with them to develop the new capabilities, knowledge, governance models, and incentives.

Build effective supply chains to raise the bar on customer service, align enterprises and open new channels.
Talent & Organization Performance.

SCG helps organizations increase productivity, market share and shareholder value by helping to ensure our clients have the right people with the right skills in the right roles.


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