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Monitoring and Evaluation practices are critical in today’s business landscape. Consequently, the responsibilities and tasks of the corporate leadership are broad and multi-faceted. Today both public and private corporate are experiencing increased demand for accountability, performance management and creation of credible feedback mechanisms on projects and programs. This phenomenon creates the need for team leaders to develop competence to understand, track and report on projects and programs in more structured and objective ways. This course therefore aims at equipping the participants with cutting edge results-base M&E skills to enhance project/programs sustainability and more importantly achievement of expected results within the set timeline and prudent use of available resources.


M&E Target Audience

Project Officers, Program Officers, Policy Analysts, Researchers, Budget Controllers and others whose work involve managing projects in the development, public and private sectors


Benefits of attending this five days M&E Training

  1. Acquire strong foundation of M&E concepts and principles through pre and port course evaluations
  2. Demonstrate understanding of M&E concepts, methods and processes
  3. Design, implement and sustain effective M&E systems
  4. Appreciate and use M&E to enhance accountability and results
  5. Use of M&E results for institutional improvements

Course Curriculum

Module One: Essential of Monitoring and Evaluation
Module Two: Designing & Implementing an M&E System
Module Three: Perfomance Monitoring and Evaluation
Module Four: Data Managment and Information Use
Module Five: Sustaining Monitoring & Evaluation System


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