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Customer care is the art of applying skills and displaying behaviors that allow one to offer exceptional customer service. It provides solutions to the array of challenges or issues that the customers face as they interact with our service.

Customer Relationship management focuses on practices, strategies and technologies that organizations use to enhance and support management of customer interaction. It facilitates analysis of data throughout the customer life-cycle, the key focus being to improve customer service relationships to enhance customer retention.

Our three days training will focus on to explore the following:

  1. Day One: Excellence at Service Delivery
  2. Day Two: Building Customer Relationships
  3. Day Three: Customer Loyalty and Legendary Service


Target Audience

  • Administrative Assistants & Administrators
  • Marketing Executives & Business Development officers
  • HR Officers
  • Public Relations officers & Communication specialists
  • Front Office Officers & Secretaries

Benefits of Attending this Three Days Interactive Training

Upon successful completion of this training, the trainee will:

  1. Appreciate the value of retaining customers
  2. Improved understanding of key skills in customer care
  3. Enhanced opportunity to improve on sales and profits
  4. Enhanced Competitive edge through relationship management.
  5. Enhanced capability to project desirable organization image

Course Curriculum

No curriculum found !


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