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Competency-Based Talent Management and Succession Planning Training

Competency-Based Talent Management is a key tool to your human resource management in every organisation. It enables the HR to assess the capabilities of each employee and how their capabilities can help meet the mission, vision and business goals. Therefore it influences the entire strategy from hiring, to placement to rewards and performance management as well as succession planning.

At Stan Consulting Group Limited (SCG), we offer Competency-Based Talent Management and Succession Planning Training to human resource managers, middle level managers, head of departments and supervisors. Our pool of competent trainers with dynamic cross-industry experience, deliver an in-depth training program delicately developed to address the entire realm of talent management with pragmatic engagement in every level of the program.

Through our training, you are able to develop strategic human resource competency architecture, for your organisationā€™s growth and development.

Stan Consulting Group Limited, is an APPROVED trainer by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA-DIT-TRN805), and IHRM (C00304) certified trainer. Book now and Earn your CPD Points with IHRM.


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